Construction barrels rock!

Thanks to the piles of road construction up and down I-75, I had some down time on my drive home today. So, I crafted some haikus. You know, while I was waiting. Enjoy!

“The devil’s towers”
Orange plastic barrels
As far as the eye can see
Always in my way.

Sitting in traffic
Watching the sun fade away
Wait. Wait. Wait for it.

Traffic speeds and slows
Gas. Brake. Gas. Brake. Gas. Brake. Gas.

“Gawking at those less fortunate”
Pile-ups abound
Rubbernecking is rampant
Traffic slows to halt.

“Texting kills”
Erratic car weaves
Crosses median and berm
Driver on cell phone.


One thought on “Construction barrels rock!

  1. Potlicker says:

    dang, those are sweet. i can’t ever remember the rules for haiku, nor can i spell it. but it definitely strikes a cord out here in Cleveland during travel season!

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