Is life without Internet access really life?

What did people do before the Internet? The fact that I’m asking that question proves I’m MUCH too dependent on it for my day-to-day existence. Seriously.

My work life slowed to a crawl today when I arrived at my office to find a transformer had blown across town and rendered the network and phones useless. My co-workers and I looked at each other and pondered what projects we could work on without the network. Project A? Saved to my personal network drive. Incapacitated. Project B? Requires me to check my e-mail. No dice. Project C? Need to access a public network drive. Isn’t going to happen. Project D? Need to make a phone call. Sigh.

Co-worker 1: “I’m going to make a to-do list.”
Co-worker 2: “I have some reading I can catch up on.”
Co-worker 3: “I can’t function!”

No, I wasn’t Co-worker 3. I promise! But, I did briefly think about what life was like in prehistoric, pre-Internet times when networking simply meant meeting new people. Before technology ran rampant and changed the way we all think and function. My job without the Internet and networking capabilities would be a hundred times more time-consuming. Would I be worse off? Not life-threateningly so. But now that I’ve not only had a taste of the super information highway, but immersed myself in it, I expect it. I expect technology and the Internet to work at all times, and when it doesn’t, that’s an aggravation. One that I don’t have time for.

How did I get to this point? How did society get to this point? The point where we NEED technology to exist and be available at all times. Who knows?

Maybe I’ll search Google for the answer to that question.


2 thoughts on “Is life without Internet access really life?

  1. M. Cha says:

    Al Gore. He is the one. He got us to this point, since he invented the internet. I am pretty sure of this since I verified it on Wikipedia.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes! This from a generation before yours when there was as yet no such thing as internet. We phoned (no cells, gasp!); we wrote (no email, horrors!); we talked, actually had conversations without interruptions of beeps, bongs, and urps. Oh well, I’m actually catching on – maybe?

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