Seeing through a child’s eyes

The innocence of children never ceases to amaze me. Their eagerness to learn. Their excitement in trying something new. This image reminds me of the need to stop each day and take a breath. To make a note of my surroundings. To look more keenly at something I walk by every day without so much as glancing. To take time to relish in the enormity of the world around me and my smallness in it. And to never, ever, ever put my small child on a leash. Ever.


4 thoughts on “Seeing through a child’s eyes

  1. Potlicker says:

    it’s funny the things you notice when you actually get down to their level too… it’s no wonder they’re always grabbing stuff from the table!

  2. Shelley Hitz, says:

    Great thought….I agree! I went through a dark time in my life a couple years ago and as God has begun healing me and I now feel like I’m on the “other side” of it, I feel like I notice things in nature so much more!

    I probably took pictures of 20 different sunsets this summer and kept taking notice of the beautiful flowers I never really paid attention to before! It’s nice to feel “alive” in those ways again and to allow my heart “off the leash.”

  3. Anonymous says:

    A leash. Hmmmm. That is one way to avoid those Amber Alerts.

  4. Anonymous says:

    a totally beautiful ‘grandson’ with gorgeous flowers; someone should have swept the dirt off the sidewalk in the background.

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