The holidays are here! I know because I looked out the window.

Holiday decorations crack me up. Growing up, it seems like Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and maybe Valentine’s Day were the only holidays associated with massive amounts of décor. However, with each passing year and holiday, yard and window decorations around me seem to multiply like jack rabbits.

In today’s local paper, there’s a photo featuring a house in town that goes all-out for the holidays. Currently, its small-ish front yard is filled to the brim with every sort of gobbledy-gook, Halloween-related item you can imagine. Plus lights. Lots of orange lights. It’s actually impressive how many items this family was able to place in such a small lot. While I’m not big on yard décor, I can appreciate symmetry and the time invested to align every last witch, ghost and goblin. A house down the street from it has two giant blow-up decorations—a skull with ghosts coming out of it and a spider. (I seem to remember the days when blow-up thingamabobbers were for pool-use only.) And, of course, lights. Lots of orange lights.

Not only are decorations increasing in amount, they’re sticking around for longer periods of time. When’s the last time you were in a supermarket that WASN’T promoting the next holiday? Can’t remember? Me neither. These days, every holiday is worthy of decadent décor, and retailers are capitalizing on the public’s demands for more goodies to erect in their yards and plaster to their stoops. Products are on shelves earlier and earlier and sticking around later and later. And really, even though we’re buying for Christmas, who can resist a 50 percent off sale on Thanksgiving decor?

There’s a good chance we’ll be celebrating Hallow-giving-istmas soon, especially if people decide the current economy isn’t conducive to investing in new décor. Halloween lights can pass for Christmas lights, right?


2 thoughts on “The holidays are here! I know because I looked out the window.

  1. Potlicker says:

    my favorite decoration is the ghost in a snow globe… who even thought of that? i definately think food is the only reason holidays stick around, V-day isn’t THAT big mostly because we haven’t created some way of having traditional food on that day. it was only a matter of time (and candy!) before Halloween got big. as for your smash-em-up holiday… can’t you just imagine a fire going in the fireplace with carved pumpkins stuffed with stuffing under a bid evergreen tree… i tried to think of how to work new years into that but it was taking to long…

  2. M. Cha, says:

    I think this is a picture of your domicile. I know this since, this is where my mail still goes, and has yet to find me.

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