Being overthrown by plastic do-dads

My kitchen is being overtaken by plastic containers. This is particularly strange given my passion for not cooking. Apparently, I store everything in non-Tupperware-brand plastic containers of all shapes and sizes. I came home with a mish-mash of containers I’d left at the office, and upon opening one of the two cabinet doors where I hide all the containers, stacks of lids and miscellaneous plastic do-dads slid out onto the floor.

Great. Now my plastic containers are attacking me. I thought about cleaning out the cupboard where I store all the nonsensical plastic thingys, but, quite frankly, the prospect was too daunting. I did cock my head a little to the side upon picking up a lid shaped like a crescent moon. That sent me searching for its match. What exactly do you store in a crescent-moon-shaped container that is three inches from point to point and two inches deep? Bendy Q-tips? Hopefully nothing requiring a seal because, well, the lid refused to stick to the container.

Its inability to close reminded me of the orange and green and yellow for-real-Tupperware Tupperware that we used every day all day as kids growing up. Sure, for food, but oftentimes for play. Those containers held their “burp” for years and years and years. They just don’t make some products like they used to.

While my containers’ ineptitude is screaming at me to give up on my plight of cooking and freezing food in smaller-sized containers, I’ll fight that urge. After all, I’m trying to break my habit of not cooking, so I shouldn’t give into the plastic do-dads even if they are trying to stage a coup d’etat.

En garde, my little plastic friends!


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