Dreaming the night away

Some say dreams are very telling of one’s subconscious and thoughts we think but don’t voice. Some say our dreams are foreboding, that they forecast events to come. And still others say a person’s dreams hover around the last thing(s) he/she thinks of before falling asleep.

I’d say my dreams are pretty much just a whole pile of strange randomness.

Five nights ago, I dreamed I was trying to find my way somewhere. Home, I think. I was living with a band of gypsies, traveling about the countryside in a small trailer. A very small trailer which caused tensions to mount and one gypsy to shoot another. We stopped at a hog farm, where I found myself trying to get from one side of a pen to another without (a) stepping on a hog and (b) stepping on something that came out of a hog. It was darn near impossible. Suddenly, the farmer started pulling random switches outside the fence, and I watched some hogs go up in flames and others drop through hidden trick doors directly underneath them. After that, I had no problem making it to the other side of the pen.

I woke up and thought, “Seriously. No more sushi before bed.”

Two nights ago, I dreamed I lived with my co-workers—college-style—and played on the soccer team. One of my roommates had talked me into trying out for the team, which I made. I was actually a pretty good player. But, then I became annoyed that I had to go to all the practices and games, and then I became concerned about being injured. Past boyfriends kept appearing at different games and sent me text messages, which I checked and replied to while on the field.

You think watching someone in the car next to you send text messages while driving is weird? How about seeing an athlete in the middle of a competition looking down at her phone and occasionally giving her thumbs a workout?

“Weird” is what I thought when I woke up the next morning.

What exactly is on my subconscious? I’ve never played soccer in my life. Nor have I ever met a gypsy. At least, I don’t think I’ve ever met a gypsy. Perhaps my mind is simply overstimulated by all the different things I’m attempting to accomplish at work. That could explain my co-workers. And the multiple, random dreams that occur in one night.

Last night I had several more dreams, and I wish now that I’d taken a few moments to write them down because I definitely can no longer remember what they were.

The recent Bible study that I’m a part of is looking at Joseph and the dreams he had about his family and his future. I got to thinking about how God uses dreams to show people their futures. I’m pretty certain my dreams are nothing like those God gave Joseph, but it’s pretty cool to know that God can and does use dreams to speak to His people.

I don’t want to be a hog farmer, God. Really.


3 thoughts on “Dreaming the night away

  1. Potlicker says:

    oh man, i am LOL (as the kids say)i had a dream last night that my wife and i were choosing which giant peach to pick from the tree. and i couldn’t reach the one we wanted so i just kept jumping and batting at it until it came down. most of my dreams though i’m forgetting something or trying to get somewhere and i just can’t seem to do it…my dreams tend to pick up where they left off too. so instead of arecuring dream it’s like sequals…and usually the ones i can remember i have at somepoint told myself in the drewam, i’m dreaming so i don’t want to be in this situation or “no i didn’t forget that it’s right here!”and then the thing is there cause it’s a dream and i can do anything i want!

  2. Jill says:

    Last night, I dreamed my boyfriend and I were taking a cross-country trip, and we opted to take a semi-truck. And random people joined us, including Robin and her son, Jackson. She ended up leaving us with Jackson, so we kept trucking along. Literally. Ha. Too funny!

  3. Omar says:

    As a past boyfriend, I am pleased you are still dreaming about me. Cheers,

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