Burning down the pad

I’m tempted to give up on rectifying my passion for not cooking. Yesterday, at 7:15 p.m. EST, I attempted beef stir-fry, a harmless recipe. Brown the meat. Throw in some sauce. Toss in vegetables. Cook some rice. Done. And, harmless. Harmless until you drop the actual recipe on a turned-on burner and then turn away for three seconds.

POOF! Flames!

My poor recipe. Perhaps I should turn my cooking attentions elsewhere. Or spend more time practicing with non-flameable cookware. I should probably sign up for lessons with my two-year-old nephew. He’s pretty good with his Little Tyke kitchen set. Prepares all sorts of “delicious” meals.

If I turned to more kid-friendly kitchen appliances, I wouldn’t have to worry about leaving units on, burning body parts (or apartment parts) AND I’d put in some quality time with my nephews. Actually, I bet my nephews would show me up in a real kitchen. Even the two-year-old. Darn.

In my defense, the apartment did NOT burn down, and the dish ended up turning out a-OK. After I was prompted to add the spices. And the soy sauce. And actually make the rice.

Perhaps cooking is meant to be my spectator sport?


One thought on “Burning down the pad

  1. Anonymous says:

    Totally agree. If I could raise my daughter over again (actually she’s very talented at everything she does), I would teach her the art of dialing or push-buttoning (a word?), so she could get food the easy way, already prepared. After making a plethora of meals while the kids were still nest-bound, I find TB an exciting outlet – outside the bun, always!!

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