Who’s in your heart?

I walked into church on Sunday morning to a big screen showing a clip of the cartoon version of the classic Christmas tale, The Grinch.

“That’s one way to keep the wee ones entertained,” I surmised to myself.

But, the message of the day—showing Jesus’ love in our hearts to all—wasn’t as much for the small ones, as it was for the big ones. Leave it to Pastor Nate to show something so kid-like that has so much relevance for all of us adults.

The clip he showed was that of the Grinch stealing every last bit of Christmas cheer from Whoville in an effort to get rid of Christmas. Awakened to yards and homes stripped of Christmas decor, the Whos didn’t sit around and stew, become angry or plot revenge. Instead, they gathered to sing, thankful for all that they had, grateful that Christmas had come again.

The Whos didn’t have to be happy or cheery. And yet they were. Their hearts were made for Christmas cheer. Every day, all day. Gifts or no gifts.

Our hearts are made for Jesus cheer. Every day, all day. Gifts or no gifts.

This got me thinking about how Satan continually tries to rob us of our joy. He throws one obstacle after another in front of us, hoping we’ll trip up and lose the cheer that Jesus has put in our hearts. And, he hopes that we’ll let others know that we’ve lost that cheer.

The Whos never lost their Christmas cheer, and, consequently, the Grinch’s heart grew three sizes. We must never lose our Jesus cheer because we never know what Grinches are watching our lives and our actions. And how our lives and actions will impact them.

In showing and spreading our Jesus cheer, we, too, can help hearts grow a few sizes. Just like Cindy Lou Who.


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