An all-new journalistic low

This morning, I turned on the local news to catch a glimpse of the weather forecast, and I stayed tuned in long enough to catch the beginning of “The Today Show” on NBC. Appropriately so, the lead story was about the weather that has cut off electricity to many and is snarling holiday travel throughout much of the northern United States.

The second story was about an US Weekly magazine photo of a shirtless Barack Obama vacationing in Hawaii and how female Americans are giving the president-elect’s toned body two enthusiastic thumbs up.

People are freezing to death (almost literally) in their homes as they sit without power and along roadways as their vehicles fail to operate. People are losing their jobs. People are starving. In fact, people are doing about a hundred thousand other things, and the second most-interesting, most-exciting, most-need-to-know story is that our president-elect has toned abs.

Thankfully, the Drudge Report kepts its senses and created a poll to see whose toned abs are better: Obama’s or Putin’s.

Seriously. I’m ashamed that one of my academic degrees is in journalism.

Believe it, folks. Journalism is close to almost dead.


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