My parents own a Wii

My parents aren’t really the techie type. They own a television, a laptop and cell phones. And, they have four children to remind them how to use each.

So, imagine my surprise when I found out my parents purchased a Wii.

That’s right. A Wii. The awesomely cool video-game console that requires an individual to connect one form of technology to another and then actually play video games, using arms and legs to match movements on a screen.

These are the same parents that just recently upgraded to a cable package after years of “farmer vision.” The same parents who know how to turn their laptop on and off, but typically require a phone call to one or more of their kids to get it to do more. And, let’s just say they know how to place and receive calls on their cell phones. No more.

These parents now own a Wii.

Apparently, one afternoon spent “boxing” with my 8-year-old nephew was enough to sell Dad on the unit, and he went out and got one of his own. Plus an extra game!

“For the grandkids to use when they come over,” he said.

Sure, Dad. I know you’re at home, right now, challenging Mom to a game of bowling. Or working on your golf swing.

Maybe retirement really does do strange things to people. In any case, welcome to the world of video games, Mom and Dad!


One thought on “My parents own a Wii

  1. Joshua says:

    Your parents could be my parents. One time, my mother disconnected her laptop from the power grid for a few days, because she wanted to be wireless. When the battery died and the laptop failed to turn on, I received a call.

    Parent: “Why won’t my laptop turn on?”
    Me: “Is it plugged in? Any lights at all?”
    Parent: “It doesn’t have to be plugged in, it’s wireless.”
    Me: “Have you called Jill?”

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