Fashionably leading a nation

Affairs, such as presidential inaugurations, that signify power and strength in this country crack me up. Because, while I like to think that people are focusing on the attributes and characteristics those in power are bringing with them into office, I know what they’re really doing is sizing up their attire. And, more importantly, their wives’ attire.

Seriously. The number of “news” stories about First Lady Michelle Obama’s inaugural apparel is out of this world. Praising her choices. Raving over the designs. She steps out in a gold outfit and then changes into a flowy, white gown. And the crowd… goes… WILD!

The gold ensemble retails for $1,500, and no one bats an eye. Except maybe at her choice of shoes. No batting, only clamoring.

Seems to me that it wasn’t all that long ago that Democrats were in an uproar over the amount of money spent on a certain vice presidential candidate’s wardrobe. Something about how the average “Joe,” er, “Jenny” could not afford any of the clothing seen on the candidate.

Something tells me Obama supporters are even less likely to be able to afford the attire his wife sports. But, hey, she’s not the candidate, so it doesn’t even matter.

Good thing you look sharp, Mr. President.


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