An end to a Facebook addiction?

OK, so I’ve been giving some thought to the so-called “Facebook addiction” that I have. Boyfriend’s term, not mine.

I’ve decided that it’s not really so much an addiction as it is an opportunity to re-connect with people whom I’ve lost touch with. I’ve found childhood friends (who am I kidding, I didn’t have childhood friends), high school classmates, volleyball teammates, college buddies, past church friends, long-lost family members and the like.

Not only have I found them, but I get to see photos of them all grown up (Wow, does she look different or what?!), with their families in tow (How many kids is that?!), and I get to read about what they’re doing now. New jobs, new relationships, new locations, etc.

Of course, I also get to read about the not-so-big life changes like “Jane Doe Knickerbocker is making cookies” or “David Smith Jr. can’t find his cell phone. HELP!” That’s not really the sort of insightful information that I seek out about another individual. Nor, if I’m being honest with myself, do I really care much about those sorts of things.

Which begs the question: What do I really care to know about these people I’ve befriended on Facebook? And, more importantly, if I don’t actively seek out their friendships in real life, the one that happens away from my computer screen, is it really a friendship? Or, is it just a connection that takes up an exorbitant amount of time and leaves me feeling just a wee bit stalkerish?

And now, this (CLICK RIGHT HERE), which Boyfriend has been telling me about for some time. Facebook’s creator has finally acknowledged that he owns everything I’ve ever written on someone’s Facebook wall, every message I’ve ever sent to another person and every photo I’ve ever posted. All of it. And, he wants me to trust that he won’t ever use it in a harmful manner.

Great. I’m now more seriously than ever thinking about giving up my Facebook account.

But then again, if Mr. Zuckerberg already owns me . . .


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