A “sweet” proposal

kindereggI have a fiance now (not to be confused with “financing”), and he rocks.

As did his proposal.

This past Friday I worked remotely. So as to busy himself while I worked, Fiance made himself an extensive to-do list that included all sorts of important things like “wash windows,” “buy a hot pepper” and “send e-mails.”

For kicks, he added “ask Jill to marry me” at the very bottom. Like that will happen this weekend, I thought.

Fiance had told me on my way to see him that he had picked up some chocolates. This was not a surprise. The man likes chocolate. I like chocolate. It’s a pretty perfect match.

He mentioned they were “Kinder Surprises,” a Cadberry-egg-sort-of chocolate minus the goopy filling plus a cool toy encased in a plastic “yolk.” My friends Lara and Zsofia had always raved about them during their times in Europe, where the treats are popular. I had never had one but who doesn’t love chocolates with toy surprises inside? I noticed a box of three when I passed by his coffee table and thought, cool, chocolates.

I worked away the day, and then we made a trip to the grocery story to “buy a hot pepper” to make shrimp pasta. I should have been clued in when Fiance asked if I wanted to watch an episode of CSI: New York while eating or have a more romantic dinner with candlelight. I was dressed in track pants and a t-shirt and sporting an awesome case of bedhead, so I opted for the TV show. He overruled and lit the candles.

The meal was excellent. And afterward, Fiance pulled out the box of Kinder Surprises, opened them and handed me one of the eggs. He took one, and we unwrapped them, simultaneously cracking open the eggs and the yolks to see what cool toys they held. He got a racecar; I got a ring.

WHAT IS THIS?!! I asked, surprised beyond belief.

He laughed and asked if I’d marry him. YES, OF COURSE! I said, amazed he was so cool, calm and collected; impressed that I hadn’t caught on; and more than curious about how he got the ring inside the egg.

Concerned that I’d catch on to any sort of pre-ask planning, he opted for the hide-the-ring-sneakily method of proposing. He had opened the box of chocolates upside down, carefully extracted the egg from its foil wrapper, sliced the egg open with a hot knife, replaced the toy with the ring, melded the chocolate halves back together, re-wrapped the egg in its foil, placed the egg back in the box and resealed the bottom of the box.

Turns out I’m marrying a super-genius. A crafty super-genius. Thanks, Fiance, for completely surprising me and wanting to marry me even when my hair is out of control. I love you.

Later that evening, Fiance said, “Well, I guess I can scratch asking you to marry me off of my to-do list.”

Yes, yes, you can. Talk about a Kinder Surprise like no other.


11 thoughts on “A “sweet” proposal

  1. Jed says:

    I am just glad he is not an “evil genius”.

  2. HuggieBug says:

    I assume the bedhead is the reason that there are no actual engagement photos. What about the ring? I am still waiting to see a picture of it (and your man too).

    • Hoss says:

      I have seen his photos… you are not missing much. Nope not one bit. He brings new meaning to “unphotogenic”.

  3. Mom says:

    I’ve seen the fiance; he’s very handsome. I’ve seen the ring, it is so cool. Today, for the first time ever I’ve eaten a Kinder Surprise Chocolate Egg; it was soooo good. My toy was a Kung fu Panda character. I’d rather have a ring.

  4. Busysavingtheworld says:

    Talk about Sweeeeet! AK *fiance” is a clever dude…hopefully only using his power for good. A most excellent story…Congratulations to you both. P.S. I also agree with Hoss.

  5. Jamie Nygaard says:

    CONGRATS JILL!!!! I am so impressed with your man’s skill!! From what I remember of those eggs, they are pretty thin…so super impressive. Eden and Erik got superman’s in their eggs this past summer. 🙂 I love the chocolate of Kinder! 🙂 Yummo!

    But…most importantly congrats! When’s the big date?

  6. Shelley Hitz says:

    Very clever proposal:) Congrats!!

  7. jilladuling says:

    Thanks for all the congratulatory messages. We’re very excited!!

  8. Mary Steiner says:

    I’ve never looked at your blog, but noticed the engaged comment on facebook and decided to read about the proposal. What a great story. Sounds like a nice and very creative, thoughtful guy. Best wishes.

  9. Lisa Lenda says:

    Hey Jill! Congratulations! If it makes you feel any better, I was sick, in sweats and a ponytail when my husband proposed. As he said then, “Anyone can buy you flowers and take you to a fancy dinner.” Those moments when you’re not looking or feeling your best, but you’re still laughing and loving each other are what marriage is about. From some of your other blog posts, it looks like you found a good Christian man and I’m so happy for you. That makes all the difference in the world. Congrats again and have fun with the planning! 🙂


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