You graduated from high school with my mom, and you’re on Facebook?

facebookOK, I wasn’t going to, but I fully admit that I recently signed back on to my Facebook account after a three-week hiatus. You may remember reading about how I signed off not all that long ago.

I’m pretty certain that during the time I signed off, every newspaper and magazine I picked up had some story about Facebook and the love/hate relationship it strikes with its users. You love it because it connects you with so many people; you hate it because it connects you with so many people.

In February, a Time magazine story aptly titled “Why Facebook Is for Old Fogies” noted that many, many older individuals are flocking to the site causing much angst among tweens and teenagers as their grandparents attempt to “friend” them.

On Tuesday, I posted a link to Fiance’s rockin’ proposal on my Facebook status. In my Facebook inbox this morning, I had a note from a woman whose last name I recognized but whose face I couldn’t place. Posted at 8:28 a.m., the note read:

<no subject>

you certainly are a beautiful young lady, could your mother be Jane?? Jane graduated with my spouse was just wonderin, oh and congrats on the diamond very stunning

My initial thoughts  included: WHAT? Did I really just receive a Facebook message from someone my mom’s age?  She graduated from high school in 1968! This woman has to be nearing or perhaps in her 60s. She’s on Facebook?

[Not that people in their almost 60s can’t be on Facebook…]

I was reminded of a few months back when some of my cousins signed on to Facebook and started posting photos of their small children. My mom, ever interested in updated family photos, heard from one of them that “Oh, sure you can see photos! There are some on Facebook.”

That led my mother to call me and ask, “What’s this Facebook all about?”

To which I said, “No, Mom.”

I did reply to the woman.

Ha! Yes, Jane is my mom. You would not be the first who has said, “Your mom has to be Jane —–.” We must look similar. Thanks for the congrats!

Mom, if you want a Facebook account, you’ll need to contact one of your former classmates. Or one of my brothers. After all, they’re really the online-social-networking-saavy ones in the family.


2 thoughts on “You graduated from high school with my mom, and you’re on Facebook?

  1. Your Fiancé says:

    Funny, being engaged to you has not changed my feelings about Facebook; I’m still not a fan.

  2. Mom says:

    First of all I graduated high school in l968 not l960. I wonder how much other falsity is out there? I abide my time doing other things; why just the other day I transplanted various items and now I have two, count em, two less flowers beds to weeds this summer. I don’t really care for Facebook because no matter how “safe” THEY say it is, there’s always someone smart enough to get the info he/she wants. I am in total agreement with your fiance altho how he got that mark over the e I’ll never know.

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