Baby showers bring May flowers

modmumnapkinsOr at least, that’s what I’m hoping. Considering the weather isn’t looking all that promising for the next week or so, I can only hope that baby showers, rather than April showers, will in fact bring May flowers. I have three on my calendar this month alone!

Yesterday I was in Cleveland for one of my best gal pal’s baby showers. She’s expecting her first, and if she were glowing any brighter, she’d give Glow Worm a run for his money.

Many of the women in attendance were a part of the “coffee ladies” gang to whom my friend’s mom belongs, a group of women now in their 40s, 50s and maybe 60s who had essentially watched my friend grow up and mature into a lovely young lady. They watched her through her grade-school years, junior high years, high school years, dance years, show choir years, athletics team years, prom attendances, college years, an engagement, wedding planning, wedding and now the days leading up to the birth of her first child.

There was a lot of sentimentality floating about the room yesterday.

The best part was listening to the women comment on the gifts being opened. Apparently there are, oh, 5,872,901 more baby-related products on the market than there were when these women were raising their children.

On the opening of three baby slings, each a different model, to help hold the baby more effectively and ergonomically: “What?! And to think we just used our arms.”

On the opening of a Pack ’N Play, once known as a playpen, that serves as a bassinet, a changing table and a crib: “Why would you even need anything else if you own that contraption? How did we ever survive without one?”

On the opening of a breast milk storage divider for the freezer used to hold a plethora of bags full of breast milk: “For real? What happened to just using the breast?”

The consensus behind me was that their now very-grown children had been greatly disserviced during their childhoods due to the lack of products available to the parents that would have helped them better raise their offspring.

It’s a wonder, they leaned forward and told me and my college friends, that we made it to adulthood. Not to worry, we replied, sometimes we think that too.

Congratulations to my best gal pal and all the other soon-to-be moms! Best of luck as you figure out how to put together and use all the new baby gadgets you amassed during your shower(s).

[Note to the new moms: I really have no insight into how to properly work a breast pump. Best call another mom if you have questions about that.]

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One thought on “Baby showers bring May flowers

  1. Erin says:

    I think I will ahve to share this post with mom- Thank you for being such a supportive gal-pal, and don’t worry I won’t call you with breast pump questions. If I need to find another way to procrastinate while working on this grad class that I have to finish before the baby gets here- well then it’s all you honey!

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