Making heads or tails out of gift registries

wedding-giftsFiancé is having a fit.

We are at the point in our engagement where we must sign up for gift registries. Ever the techie and model of all things efficient, he was delighted to find out that we could register at many places online and NEVER set foot in the stores.

Delighted, that is, until he couldn’t find a single Canadian retailer that would allow him to create a gift registry online, thus re-affirming his gripe that Canadian retail is not nearly as good as U.S. retail. Or as 21st century, apparently. And meaning that he MIGHT actually have to go INTO a store. And walk around with a scan gun.

Picture a grown man shaking two raised fists.

We had agreed that I would register us at a U.S. store or two, and he would focus on Canadian counterparts.

Fiancé: Wait a second. You’re looking at Target, right? And you’re able to simply click the items you want to add to the registry? Hudson Bay Co. says I have to do the registry in-store! We’re not using Hudson Bay Co. In fact, I’m e-mailing them to tell them that I think it’s ridiculous that they don’t have a better online interface and one that allows people to create their registries online. Maybe I will call them too.

He calls Hudson Bay Co. and gets a customer service rep located in Bangalore or thereabouts. They can’t understand one another. He hangs up and calls back and gets a second rep who tells him that he’ll need to go TO the store.

Fiancé: That guy doesn’t even live in Canada. Let’s forget about Hudson Bay. I’m going to look at Sears. Wait. Sears won’t allow me to register online either! This is ridiculous! Look at this site! They want me to type in the product number of each item I’m interested in. Why can’t they just let me select the item? It’s not that difficult of a function to provide. Don’t they want more service? Surely that would get them more service!

He calls Sears and gets a friendly customer service rep who tells him the online registry is a piece of cake. Just copy and paste the product number into the registry, type in the name of the item and select the quantity you want.

I think I saw steam come out of his ears.

Fiancé: We’re not using Sears. In fact, I don’t think we should register at any stores in Canada. Wait. Let’s think about this. Maybe we don’t need to register anywhere. Are you sure we really need to register?

Yes, we need to register, and watching you have this much fun with it is making it all the more entertaining.

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4 thoughts on “Making heads or tails out of gift registries

  1. Josh says:

    He has my sympathy. I was going to suggest Amazon but…..they don’t offer a wedding registry in Canada!

  2. Lucas says:

    i thought i was going to really like registering for gifts… then i found out what we were registering for… he should just crack open a (insert cold beverage brand here) and let you have all of the “fun”. thankfully i had some single guy friends that bought me a couple video games so i had something to get excited about too!

  3. Mom says:

    Think about it this way. Back in the good ole days we didn’t have gift registry, online or off. Everyone just got what THEY thought was a wonderful gift. We got married in November so we got twenty blankets and they weren’t even queen size. Fortunately they made wonderful pretend tents, picnic pads, baby pads for outside lawn festivities, furniture packing pads, etc. I finally threw the last one away after 37 years of use. Now I’m online and I find that prices went up since 1971. Maybe I should head to the landfill to see if I could per chance find one of those great gifts again.

  4. Boss lady says:

    Jill – I think you get your story telling skills from your mom. Perhaps she is looking for a job? I may know someone who is looking for a writer. LOL.

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