A letter for GM

full-studio_2Dear General Motors,

One year ago this month I purchased a slightly-used 2008 Pontiac G6. I needed a vehicle. It had few miles. I had miles to drive. It seemed like a good choice. From that moment on, I have driven from Point A to Point B in style.

Yes, I was sad when the traction control wiring failed (ironically, due to wetness). And I was sad when it happened a second time.

Yes, it was a major pain to find replacement windshield wipers as you had the foresight to make sure that only one certain type of wipers could fit on the 2008 model. Wipers that are only available through the dealership, I might add.

And yet, in spite of its character flaws, I enjoyed my car. I still do.

But now you’re disbanding the Pontiac brand, a brand that has been a force for your company since its inception.

Thank you for only driving home the point that I should have spent a bit more time researching vehicles and a bit less time being impulsive. Thank you for leaving me with a car that may or may not have any resale value. Ever. And thank you, most of all, for the possibility that one day I may be driving around without windshield wipers.

Because THAT is how hard it was to find them the first time around. Back when Pontiac still existed.

Sincerely saddened,


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3 thoughts on “A letter for GM

  1. Josh says:

    You need to stock up on those!

  2. Boss lady says:

    No, no…. stop your whining… don’t you follow the car market! This is the best news ever for you… Your car just became a “classic” and a “never to be made again model” and better yet, the “last in the series”. Surely you could sell it at the next Barrett-Jackson sale in Arizona. I hear Tony Stewart and Jay Leno like to buy rare finds.

  3. Lucas says:

    and i had my eye on a Pontiac solstice…. guess that’ll never happen! of course it will probably be illegal to drive cars in a bout a year or two so i wouldn’t be too upset! (my in-laws have ALWAYS had Pontiacs, my wife is still driving a ’96 Bonneville to Lima from van wert EVERYDAY! )

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