Family photos are a laughing matter, part 7

Jill and Mom (1982)

Jill and Mom (1982)

[In case you’re wondering about the rash of photos from yesteryear suddenly being posted, well, too bad. I can’t tell you. It’s a secret. You’ll have to wait for it. Wait…]

I’m between 0 and 12 months in this photo. And I appear to be perplexed. Or confused. Perhaps apprehensive. I wonder; is it the giant pink inflatable bunny with purple ears and inner thighs? An unsanitary diaper? The floral couch? Perhaps the cameraperson?

Best guess? I realized that white shoes make my feet look even more GINORMOUS than they really are. And Mom is telling me that it’s going to be OK, that GINORMOUS feet are not the end of the world. That they provide a firm foundation to stand on. That one day I’ll actually be able to stand on my feet and carry my body weight around. And that, one day, I’ll be able to wear white shoes after Labor Day.

Thanks for prepping me for my future, Mom. No doubt I felt much better following that conversation.


One thought on “Family photos are a laughing matter, part 7

  1. Mom says:

    Actually I wasn’t discussing your shoes and I know you loved them because when the camera person said: “smile”, you flexed your feet so we could see the shoes really well. I don’t remember the exact words but I think I was reassuring you that all little girls at that age had no hair and that at some point, soon, in time, you would have the same voluminous curly hair that your mother was blessed with. Yes, I’m sure that was it:-)

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