Dinner and instant dessert

chicken-roast_300Tonight, I made dinner for my baby brother whose wife is currently out of town. We had sweet and sour roasted chicken and pasta salad AKA penne with asparagus and lemon. Highly involved, I know. And yet it wasn’t. Because I found the recipes in the latest Real Simple magazine. Someone was really using her noodle when she came up with that magazine. Because its contents really are REAL simple. Its recipes. Its suggestions for home organization. Its recommendations for saving dollars on groceries. Its design. OK, I digress.

The cooking experience was so rewarding that I’m considering using my kitchen more often. Even when I’m the only one in it. Considering, people; I’m just considering.  

I even made dessert. Butterscotch pudding. I make some wicked-good instant pudding. And, I didn’t need my Real Simple magazine for that.


One thought on “Dinner and instant dessert

  1. Mom says:

    I am totally impressed!!!!

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