My life fits in a box

move_cartoonThis poor blog. I’ve been neglecting it. I feel badly about the fact that packing up my office and my apartment while planning a wedding and the rest of my future has taken precedence. Even my Facebook account hasn’t received as much love. Shocking, yes?

Alongside the whole “let’s-plan-a-weekend-wedding-extravaganza-in-fewer-than-three-months” thing, I’ve been considering my paperwork for permanent residency, my career path and moving to a new city—one that’s in a foreign country, no less. And, I’ve been packing. Box after box after box.

There’s something to be said for the whole packing thing. You get to rifle through your belongings, trim down the non-necessities and, perhaps, find forgotten treasures. Oh, look! College photos.

The fun is removed when you realize you CAN fit your entire life into boxes. And that moment when you find yourself surrounded by 72 boxes and no memory of what is in each box. Not to mention filling all those boxes means that at some point you’ll have to empty them.

But, emptying the boxes—at least in my case—means I’m starting something new, doing something different. And that makes all the packing worthwhile. Along with all the blog-neglecting.


2 thoughts on “My life fits in a box

  1. Jamie nygaard says:

    Have I told you how sad I am that you are moving?? BU photo shoots will never be the same! Seriously!! When are you heading out of here??

  2. Mary Steiner says:

    Packing can be a good thing. Witness: our car on Friday night…how much one collects in 15 years on the job becomes decidedly scary when one has LITTLE time to pack it up and stash it in the car.

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