Tainted cookie-dough sadness

sprinkleWhile reading a story about Nestle™ recalling its popular Toll House cookie dough, I was transported back to my college days when my roommates and I would go through a 5 lb. tub of cookie dough in one week. Five girls. Seven days. Those tubs didn’t stand a chance.

That’s right. We devoured tubs of cookie dough. We didn’t actually make the cookies. We just ate the hooooorribly-bad-for-you-filled-with-more-fat-grams-than-numbers-you-can-count-high tastiness. By the spoonful.

I’d say that the mere thought of doing that these days makes me want to gag, but, well, I still eat cookie dough ice cream from time to time. By the spoonful. But not usually by the tub. Usually.

Poor Nestle™. I hope the company pulls through. Of course, I don’t mind Pillsbury™ cookie dough.

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One thought on “Tainted cookie-dough sadness

  1. Hoss says:

    This one time, Little Joe ate a whole saddlebag worth of cookie dough. He got sick and made a mess all over the canteen. Naturally, I had to educate Little Joe on the error of his ways. He is off cookie dough for good.

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