Rest, relaxation and a fractured toe

Chatting it up with a very friendly bear at Muskoka Lake.

Chatting it up with a very friendly bear at Muskoka Lake.

Following our wedding, Husband (official new status) and I took a few days to kick back at a spa/golf resort on Muskoka Lake. We spent our entire 2-hour drive there replaying all the great things that had happened over the past weekend. Because, really it was a great weekend.

We had spent three months, along with our families, frantically planning a weekend wedding extravaganza that erupted in a short-lived, blurry burst. For 91-ish days, we planned a Friday evening cookout, a Saturday wedding and a Sunday brunch—and, each could not have gone more smoothly or more perfectly. We felt proud and accomplished.

We also felt exhausted. Very, very exhausted. And like we should have been taking our family members with us to thank them for all of their hard work. Because, boy, did they do a lot of work. We are forever grateful.

Despite a few days of inclement weather, we enjoyed the resort inside and out. We lay beside the pool, got massages, went to dinner, watched a movie and even went on a mountain-biking excursion. Interestingly, the biking turned out to be the most memorable.

On the third day, we decided to hit a few trails, which were both beautiful and bug-laden. During a rather treacherous stretch where we had to dismount and carry/drag our bikes, Husband hit a formidable foe: a rock-solid rock, which took out his toe. Quite literally.

Oh, the pain! It was evident right away. Being the loving, doting wife that I am, I documented the entire experience via camera. While trying not to laugh. Poor guy. He wondered right then and there if he actually broke it. But, because we were being eaten alive by bugs, we didn’t sit to discuss the prospect of an actual break.

Husband's poor fractured toe.

Husband's poor fractured toe.

For the next 24 hours, Husband walked very gingerly and took breaks to ice his injury. The next morning, upon discovering the toe was mostly black and blue and seven times its normal size, Husband decided to e-mail a photo to his physician father. He included some of the images I snapped the day before to show the pain. (I knew one day my photojournalistic skills would come in handy). His dad confirmed that the toe did indeed look painful and suggested an x-ray just to be sure.

Sure enough, the toe has a fracture, and Husband is slightly out of commission for the next 4-6 weeks. Ah, the memories. He turned in stress headaches and backaches of planning a wedding for toe pain.

No worries though. His adoring wife shall take good care of him. And lots of photos. While trying not to laugh just a little bit.

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3 thoughts on “Rest, relaxation and a fractured toe

  1. LOVE the “Possibly related posts” section at the bottom. I used to browse through them and think they were actually posts that YOU had written. I’m guessing that’s not the case.

    I’m sorry to hear that Andrew ruined half of his big toes on his honeymoon. Please let him know we’ll find a handicap-accessible hiking trail for him on vacation.

    I’m very happy this was his toe, and NOT his ring finger, because with that amount of swelling, they would have needed to cut his finger off to remove the ring.

    And that would have been sad, but given you a VERY memorable honeymoon story.

    I miss you still.

  2. Lisa (wishes I would have gotten to know u better) Warren-Mann says:

    Ok, so after reading and checking on ur posts (I never knew exactly how witty u are). I had to comment! U rock Jill and congrats on the wedding! PLEASE keep the posts coming!

  3. Whitney says:

    Aww, poor husband of yours (Gary is it? haha) I wish him a speedy recovery! Glad your time away though was enjoyable…now back to reality right?? I hope your day is splendid!

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