Frozen chocolatey goodness

Waiting patiently. Wait. Wait for it.

Waiting patiently. Wait. Wait for it.

One time, Husband and I were joined in holy matrimony, and we received some very nice gifts. Including, Husband says, “the hands-down-without-a-doubt, best gift ever”: an ice cream maker. Even before we finished opening gifts, the gel-filled bowl that has to be frozen in advance was in the freezer, and he was halfway through the instruction manual.

“We are totally trying these recipes out!” he exclaimed. A comical exclamation considering the couple who gave it to us said, “Your husband might not be as appreciative of this gift, but you sure will be.” Because everyone thinks I’m the ice-cream lover in this relationship.

I think we dispelled that mistruth tonight.

For the past week, I’ve heard, “We should make frozen yogurt tonight. We have to try out the machine!” Today, we actually made it to the store to pick up the necessary ingredients. First recipe up? Chocolate Fudgesicle Frozen Yogurt. Two packages of instant chocolate pudding and three cups of milk. [Note: Technically those items are always supposed to be on-hand at any given moment. We just got married; give us a break.]

“It just seems too easy,” said Husband, as he mixed the ingredients together. “It should be more difficult.” If it were more difficult, we probably wouldn’t be trying this, I thought to myself, making a mental note of the already-open pint of frozen yogurt in the freezer.



With the anticipation of a five-year-old leaving nose prints on a glass-fronted candy counter, Husband watched and waited while the chocolatey goodness mixed itself in a circle. Twenty-five minutes seemed too long. And, yet, the fact that it would only take 25 minutes seemed unreal.

Turns out, it didn’t even take 25 minutes. Twenty-two minutes in, the frozen yogurt was firm enough to keep the mixer from actually mixing. Time to dig in!

Two scoops of chocolate frozen yogurt (and banana slices) later, our bellies are happy, and we are impressed, Husband especially. Thanks, Robin and Jeff!

Next up? Hard to say. Maybe something with bits of cookie. Or fruit. Or toffee. Ooooh. Heath Bar!


2 thoughts on “Frozen chocolatey goodness

  1. Boss lady says:

    Just think what your life could have been like IF the counter-top-kitchen-sized doughnut maker was in stock.

    P.S. If the man at the boarder crossing only know how happy a Canadian was with an icecream maker…

  2. Mom says:

    Looks good! Where can you get the ice cream maker? I realize that if i get one, I’ll have to make up excuses to get my husband to go to a real DQ from now on!?!? That’s a joke! I think his map from OH to TN has every DQ listed. Is this going to be fun or what?

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