How about those Jays?

bluejayMy husband is watching baseball on TV. The Blue Jays are playing the Red Sox. But, “watching” isn’t quite the right word. “Avidly participating” is more suitable. There’s been some clapping. And some yelling. And quite a bit of “that Ricky Romero looks just like LL Cool J” and “that guy has a really small head.”

Sure he does, honey. Thanks for the color commentary.

I’m reminded of when we were first dating, and I quizzed Husband on his interest in watching televised sporting events. I thought he should know upfront that watching sporting events isn’t really my thing. Ironic, I know. Yes, I played a bazillion sports growing up. Yes, I played in college. I even worked in sports information. But the whole let’s sit and watch overpaid people whom I don’t know play isn’t me. And so, I readily admitted that and let him know that the three worst sports to watch on television are, in no particular order, baseball, golf and tennis.

His delayed response should’ve clued me in.

At the time, he responded that he didn’t really watch a lot of televised sports but that he enjoyed attending Blue Jays and Raptors’ games from time to time. I was down to that. I can handle “from time to time.”

Which brings us to tonight and the televised Jays’ game playing on the screen. Turns out “from time to time” means “whenever the Jays might be playing and their games are televised” which can loosely be translated into “from time to time” because clearly not every single Jays’ game ever played is televised.


Did I mention he doesn’t mind watching tennis either? Oy vey.

Parting words: “You call that a strike?! It wasn’t a strike for Ricky, and now it’s a strike?! Come on!!!”


3 thoughts on “How about those Jays?

  1. Your Husband says:

    All the clapping. All the yelling. All the colourful commentary. It was all for naught. They lost.

    Me being married has not helped the Jays one bit.

  2. gigi says:

    Oh, those comments have a familiar ring! I told my husband that the Blue Jays lost out big when they didn’t hire HIM as their manager. Sigh!!!

  3. Joshua says:

    If it’s any consolation, being a Jays and Raptors fan, he’ll NEVER be busy during the post-season.

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