“Like, my sheets are pink with white swirls!”

california-valley-girlsI was, like, totally going to write about what’s it’s like to, like, live a nomadic lifestyle because, like, I’m totally living that lifestyle right now, but, like, the girls sitting behind me at Panera Bread had, like, way cooler things to say. About, like, the meaning of life, and, like, really cool things like that. So, like, here’s the gist of their conversation thus far:

“Like, oh my god. I, like, always clip out cool things from my Cosmo magazines, ’cause I totally want to hang cool things on my wall. I wonder if I should bring Christmas lights because I think that would be cool, but, like, I don’t want to bring all the stuff and then not, like, like my roommate, ’cause if things don’t work out, I don’t, like, want to say, Hey all this stuff is mine, I’m taking it, ’cause that seems, like, really, really mean. You know like in high school, when your parents are watching out for you, it’s not going to be like that in college. I can do something bad, and they won’t even know. Maybe they’ll know the little stuff, but, like, my mom tells me to have fun at all the parties next year. That, like, totally surprised me! Like, totally. I’m, like, totally going to be my own person. Like, everything will be up to me. And, like, no one knows me, and no one can really say anything about me because they don’t even know me. Like, how cool is that? mean, like, I’ve only been graduated for, like, two months, but I already feel so much older. Right here; right now, we’re old! We’re talking about life and stuff. Discussing stuff like that.”


You know the whole phrase “Teaching Tomorrow’s Leaders”? Ohhhhh boy.

That’s, like, all the more I have to say about that.


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