Art for our walls

ja_wedding032Today is our one-month wedding anniversary, and I wouldn’t make much ado about it—a month is a month is a month—but I caught myself looking at our wedding photos today, again, and I just have to say it. Again. Our photographer did a fantastic job.

Really, he did.

When I first started thinking about wedding photos, I knew I wanted documentary-style images—snapshots of our day and the people with whom we wanted to share it. Sure it’s nice to have photos of the bride and her mom; the bride and her dad; the bride and her mom, dad and brothers; the bride and her mom, dad, brothers and in-laws; etc., but I didn’t really want those. Because those are the images that fill photo albums that sit on, or maybe under, bookshelves and coffee tables.

I wanted works of art to display on our walls.

People rave about the photos that are different. The ones that are cool. The ones that make the bride and groom and everyone sharing their day look like superstars. And THAT is what Mr. Trevor Connell did.

You can check out him (and some of our images) here:

Thanks so much to Trevor for taking the time to get to know us and our families, and for capturing our day in just the way we’d always hoped. Husband and I, and our families, simply cannot say enough good things.

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2 thoughts on “Art for our walls

  1. Mary Steiner says:


    I want to show your photos to Fred, Lindsay and Anne because this is what I’m hoping F and L will do with Anne and Nick’s wedding. Is it okay if we copycat?


  2. Thanks so much guys for the great raves! It was such a pleasure to get to know you and your families! A photographer dreams of clients like you guys – thanks for making it a reality!

    All the best!

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