It’s raining, it’s pouring, the Old Man is snoring

umbrella%20rainsI’m considering getting into the umbrella business. Because all it does in Canada is rain. It’s like I’m living in Seattle. Or what I imagine it to be like living in Seattle, considering I’ve never actually lived in or even visited Seattle. I digress.

As you probably didn’t know, this summer, the Eastern parts of Canada are experiencing nothing but incredible wetness while the Western portions are experiencing blazing hotness, complete with raging wildfires.

I’m not complaining. I’ll take the wetness. I’m not into the whole fire thing.

But seriously, I need to get into the umbrella business. I’m fairly certain that I could make a decent living off of selling them, seeing as how I’m situated so closely to a GO train station. People leave their offices downtown and hop on the train with the sun shining brightly (appropriate, yes?). As they step foot off the train, they are completely unprepared for the unexpected massive downpours that come out of nowhere and get all up in their faces.

They’re stuck trying to run like mad to their vehicles, but they can’t run like mad because they’re all dressed up in work gear complete with slick loafers and high heels. And, you can’t run well in slick loafers and high heels when it’s pouring rain.

So, that’s when I’d sell them an umbrella. Because you can never have too many umbrellas. Especially during summers like this one.

Oh look! The sun came out. And it’s STILL raining.


One thought on “It’s raining, it’s pouring, the Old Man is snoring

  1. Sparkes says:

    So… is the “Old Man” your husband?

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