Good morning, Sunshine!

wake-up-earlyMy husband thinks I have a terrible, horrible problem.

I cannot sleep in. Ever.

It doesn’t matter how free the day ahead is, how late I go to bed or how tired I am, I’m always awake before 7 a.m. Usually well before.

Now, for many, sleeping until 7 a.m. is a luxury. Since we both make our own work schedules, we’re not bound by having to be out the door at an early hour. Imagine Husband’s chagrin when I announced I was going to start getting up at 6:20 on weekdays so that I could go to the gym and start my day off with a workout.

And then actually rolled out of bed at 6:10.

Because, even if I use an alarm, no matter how early it’s set for, I’m always awake before it goes off. Most times, unfortunately, well before it goes off.

I like to think my body is as punctual and on time subconsciously as it is consciously.

So, while Husband is adjusting to waking up to an empty bed and fewer breakfasts with me, he’s also getting used to life with a morning person. Not to mention someone who struggles to stay awake until 10:30 p.m. I attribute my “early” bedtimes to a desire to be my freshest in the mornings.

He’s beginning to learn that even if I do stay up ridiculously late, I, and most likely him, will be awake early the next day. Because I love sharing my awakeness with him. GOOD MORNING, SUNSHINE!

Seriously, honey, are you going to sleep the ENTIRE day away?

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One thought on “Good morning, Sunshine!

  1. Mom says:

    Attribute your early awakening to growing up in a family where farming meant getting up with the rooster, bless his little pea-pickin heart; even if there wasn’t anything pressing to do, it was still the farm-country thing to do. Coming from a small town where we were allowed to sleep in until 10:00 a.m. or so every summer morning, this was a change to be sure. However, after a while I got use to and even started liking the a.m. It’s so fresh and pretty. I like the sunrises; course I like the sunsets also. Maybe I just enjoy nature and want to see all of it :-))

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