The end of planning

JA_Wedding162The end is here! The end of planning all things wedding-related that is.

After 28 days of engagement, a civil ceremony, 99 days of wedding planning, a wedding day, a mini honeymoon, 49 days of Ohio reception planning and an Ohio reception, we are finally finished planning and are fully wedded. Extremely fully wedded, maybe.

What a great few months it has been! Months filled with choices, decisions and orders, and mixed with laughter, tears, toasting and photographs. Loads of photographs, I might add. April, May, June and July streaked by in a blur. And, even now, August is rapidly approaching its end.

This past weekend was our Ohio reception. We were thrilled to be able to share our union with my extended family and friends. We were less thrilled by the county’s decision to remove a key bridge en route to our venue the week before. And even more less thrilled when we were told it was our responsibility to make sure our guests arrived at the location, not the park district’s.

Who doesn’t like making signs at 11 p.m. the night before a shindig?

My sister-in-law H. outdid herself by crafting marvelous cakes, providing a superb punch recipe, recommending an excellent cookie lady and, in general, making sure everything behind the scenes ran smoothly. My parents made sure there was more than enough of absolutely everything we could possibly need, including sweet treats to last the entire day. (The treats lasted the entire day and will last well into the future thanks to freezers.) My brothers and friends were helpful in prepping and cleaning up, along with carting everything everywhere. And, our good friend J. not only welcomed us into his home for the weekend, but he created coffee table photo books for us and our parents.

We were able to visit with my high school friends and college roommates as well as aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins and co-workers. We shared photos of the wedding day and traded stories of “remember when…”. It was an all-around ’nother excellent wedding-like day.

And, we could not be any more thankful.

Thankful for everyone who helped us (and supported us) during all the months of planning. And, thankful to finally, finally, finally be finished. And very fully married.

Which makes me wonder about the sanity of brides who spend more than 2.5 months planning a wedding. No thank you and best of luck!


One thought on “The end of planning

  1. Freelance Boss lady says:

    “H” should start her own baking company… Duling’s Delicacies or Ethan’s Eats. She is fabulous.

    P.S. Is that your elbow in the photo? That is a nice looking elbow. It is porportionally perfect.

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