Fishy, fishy in the pond

This is a picture story about one time when I went fishing. I threw in some words for fun.

This One Time I Caught a Fish

Once upon an evening, I went fishing at my parents’ pond.










It was a nice evening. And, I caught a fish.















It was very, very exciting, and I was very, very proud.















Until I realized I’d hooked it right through the eye.











Unfortunately, the un-hooking process wasn’t so kind to the fish.











Poor fishy. Poor, poor fishy.

The end.


5 thoughts on “Fishy, fishy in the pond

  1. Joshua says:

    fishy, fishy in a brook,
    jill ann caught you with a hook.

    drove it right into your eye,
    you poor fishy soon will die.

    but before you pass away,
    there will be a long delay.

    you will flail around in shock,
    and dart head-first into the rock.

    when you can no longer flop,
    you will float back to the top.

  2. Joshua says:

    beautiful fishy
    who could not resist the worm
    hook through your eyeball

  3. Mary Steiner says:

    I have a little fishy costume in the attic, in case you ever have any little fishies who need a costume. I loved reading/looking at this!

  4. mom says:

    For the fish lovers: The fish’s body never surfaced (as when dead) so I’m believing the Lord healed it and it now swims freely once again awaiting another big, juicy worm.

  5. Boss lady says:

    Gold star to your mom’s outlook on life! I’m off to Taco Bell 🙂

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