Through the roof!

Yesterday, I was notified via e-mail that my blog was appearing on the homepage of

Congrats! Your post ( ) has just been promoted to the homepage of Keep up the good work!
Thanks a million,
The Team

I was pretty excited even though my blog’s selection was likely the result of computer-generated randomization. Because my blog was listed right next to Anderson Cooper’s. I can think I’m pretty cool, right?

Unfortunately, I think my reader statistics are now slightly skewed, thanks to the free publicity. It turns out 1,400 hits looks much different than 40 hits.

See graph.










2 thoughts on “Through the roof!

  1. Congrats Jill! Computer generated or not, it’s still nice to be loved 😉

  2. mom says:

    when the white house starts calling you, just keep a cool head.

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