Bubble-wrapped living

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I do not have children. Yet. As such, I cannot judge parents or their parenting skills. But, thanks to my time in higher education, I can applaud the writer of Time magazine’s article “The Growing Backlash Against Overparenting” for, again, calling attention to a most-troubling matter: helicopter parents. Hovering all around their wee ones, helicopter parents attempt to “look out” for their children by protecting them from, essentially, everything. Bad experiences. Good experiences. Life experiences. As babes, as toddlers, as school-aged children, as high schoolers, as college students, as adults, so on and so forth, these “children” are pampered and coddled and wrapped tightly in bubble wrap, limiting their ability to cross paths with bad things, and keeping them from experiencing life-on-their-own things. I have friends who are helicopter parents. I have friends whose parents are helicopter parents. They are so keen on keeping their children safe that they sometimes forget to let their children experience life unwrapped. I like to think that one day, should children cross my path, I’ll be a parent that guides, teaches, grows, disciplines and cheers on my child(ren). Not suffocates them. Anyway, read the article. It’s good.

One thought on “Bubble-wrapped living

  1. SilverTiger says:

    The opposite exists also, of course: parents who take so little care of their children that they run wild from an early age, ending up thoroughly anti-social when not criminal.

    Even away from the extremes, getting the balance right is difficult, not to say impossible. Parenting is an art, not a science, and parents have to learn the art as they go.

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