Feel the burn!

Seriously, I’m feeling the burn. Not the sort of burn my muscles experience while/after working out, but the sort of burn I experience while cooking. And, quite frankly, it seems to be happening way too often. Not the cooking part. The burn-while-cooking part. It’s becoming a common occurrence. I spend time in the kitchen. I get burned. Cooking? Burned. Baking? Burned. Microwaving? Burned. A finger. A hand. Two fingers. Both hands.

Today? Three fingers on the same hand. Ow.

Today’s burn—thanks to steam releasing from a Syran-wrapped bowl—is the best burn to date. My fingers still feel absolutely seared eight hours following the incident and do NOT enjoy bending or being washed in any temperature of water. Cold water? Burning sensation. Warm water? Giant burning sensation. Shower water? “Whoa, holy smokes” burning sensation.

The good news is that I managed to kinda-mostly wash all the shampoo out of my hair with one hand, and the squash dish I made for tonight’s Christmas party looks (and tastes) fantastic.

My burned fingers? Not so much. They’re looking kinda red and somewhat blistery.

I wonder what tomorrow’s cooking venture will bring. Maybe I’ll wear oven mitts. The entire time.


4 thoughts on “Feel the burn!

  1. Mom says:

    Daughter, I have found that the best solution to end all the frustrations while cooking, to end burning parts of your body, to end dropping things on clean floors and best of all, to end slamming the dishwasher door on your fingers is to eat out. Although I have not experienced all of the above, the advice still stands, eat out.

  2. Jamie nygaard says:

    Dude, stick to frozen foods.

  3. dave says:

    My advice: Ice, ice, baby!

  4. Ann says:

    I have heard pickle juice can be great relief on a fresh burn. I have never tried it myself since (thankfully) it has been quite some time since I have burned myself. BUT I have a jar of pickle juice ready to go in the fridge if I need it! I figured you might find this tid-bit of advice helpful since you apparently burn yourself frequently! 🙂

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