An apology to my blog

Dear Blog,

I have neglected thee. I tossed thee aside and posted neither willy or nilly. I wrote naught. Accidentally, of course. About 100 million things came up. Things I could’ve informed you of but decided against because, well, which of my nine readers would really want to read about 100 million things?

Not one. Except my mother. To whom I gave the Cliff Notes version.

There were the trips to see family and Black Friday shopping. There was that scandalous incident with a pre-paid cell phone and those hassoles at Verizon Wireless. There was that 17-minute, dessert-in Thanksgiving dinner. And that time my brother’s mother asked her children to point out teachable moments to her. And awkward silence. There was the bathroom remodel. There was the bedroom remodel. There was that time when we didn’t think the flooring for the bedroom would EVER show itself. There was Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and Boxing Day and a screening of Avatar and a pile of illegal gifts. THEN, there was flooring. Followed by a bedroom re-remodel. And, possibly, a relapse into Facebook.

Oh, Blog! Who am I kidding? I never gave up Facebook.

But, there was that parking ticket, awarded in my own parking lot, which will soon be outstanding. And that vacation with my husband that turned into a staycation. Which was spent watching movies, laying floors, baking, writhing in back pain and mingling with friends and Toronto Raptors superstar Chris Bosh. Oh, Blog! I could’ve filled you up with my thoughts on socializing. I could’ve, but I didn’t. And then there was that entire month when I didn’t go to the gym, opting instead to do P90X workouts. Oh, Tony Horton. You’re a wild man!

All these things and not one did I blog about. Not about my new cookbooks, Crock Pot or food processor. Not about that time Scott visited and ate 13 Buckeye Candies in one sitting. Not about my new fitness mat. Not about anything other than my all-time, least-favorite Christmas song.

I’m happy to report I did NOT receive a hippopotamus for Christmas.

In sum, I am sorry. For leaving you high and dry when there was good stuff to be said. For making you think I gave up on you. For only five posts in all of December.

Please forgive me. I will do better.

Yours truly,



4 thoughts on “An apology to my blog

  1. Lisa Mann says:

    I missed your posts a lot! When a bad day happens, your sarcasm always makes me smile! 🙂

  2. SilverTiger says:

    No apology needed. Christmas (and New Year) is that sort of time of year, especially if one has a large family, which, happily, I do not.

    The only point at issue, really, is whether you enjoyed yourself. If you did, then no further justification is required. Blogging is a hobby. It is not life.

  3. Mom says:

    Dear child, it wasn’t teachable moments. It was UNteachable moments. I took the awkward silence meaning I had none. 🙂

  4. Whitney says:

    I have missed your blog too, I do love reading it, especially since you are so far away! I can’t wait until you can write about your upcoming vacation, instead of your “staycation”. By the way, how was Avatar?

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