The thing about painting

Here’s the thing about painting. I don’t mind it so much. It’s cathartic and increases a room’s aesthetic appeal. At least, it’s both those things until it comes to applying a fifth coat on the same walls. The FIFTH coat is mostly painful and NOT cathartic and, by that point, who cares about aesthetic appeal?


About a month ago, I went hunting for a new wall color. We are transforming our second bedroom into an office/guest room and decided to tinker with laying hardwood floors. So, Husband moved out all the furniture and pulled up the carpet, and I was tasked with selecting a new color—something that would complement the golden color in our great room. I had a good idea (or so I thought) of the new flooring option (a light maple) and decided on “beachcomber,” a light brown-grey color.

It’s a nice color. Really.

Because of the exorbitant paint prices up north (think $45/gallon), I opted for C-I-L paint at Wal-Mart. And, I loved it. The first coat went on magically and looked fantastic. I put on a second coat just because it went on so well the first time. I liked it. Husband liked it. We were that much closer to finishing the room.

Then the flooring finally showed up. With the first board laid, Husband and I looked at each other and said, “I’m not sure about the walls.” It turns out beachcomber looks fantastic. And light maple floors look fantastic. But, the two do not look fantastic together. Gah!

After consulting many Benjamin Moore paint swatches, I went shopping for more paint. I decided on a creamy-white color because I had found a fantastic fabric print with that color included plus the room gets a lot of sunlight. Why not have a bright office?

Back to Wal-Mart I went. This time I went with a Color Place gallon (not C-I-L) and had the paint mixed based on a Benjamin Moore swatch. The color in the can looked great. Fantastic even.

Unfortunately, my first swipe of trim looked horrible. Not the color, but the coverage. That should’ve been my first clue. But, I gave the paint the benefit of the doubt, finished all the trim and rolled on a first coat. The coverage did NOT get any better. And, naively, I assumed a second coat would help.

Oh, naivety, you failed me so.

The second coat did NOT help whatsoever. Four coats of paint later, I have a VERY poorly painted room (and a smaller room) and two very sore thumbs. We won’t even talk about the ceiling trimmed in ultra white (to fix some trim casualties) when the ceiling cover is actually a basic white. Gah!

Oh, the comedy of it all.

Sooooo, it looks like I’ll be paint shopping again. Some day. For now, I’m trying to configure a wall-art-photo-collage pattern that will cover everything that the shelves, desk and couch won’t.

And resting my thumbs.


3 thoughts on “The thing about painting

  1. Lucas says:

    one trick is ta get primer tinted with the color your going to paint the room, especially if there is already a color on the walls. 🙂 “no doubt about it!” ha i just put that because i think someone with a Canadian accent would sound funny saying it! no offense !

  2. Mom says:

    Reminds me of the time I decided to paint our living room two different colors to make the two off-sided rooms look like one. Two coats, one ended up looking like strawberry, ugh. Painted whole room different color only to have favorite daughter say: “why chocolate?” Never saw that coming. Two more coats, ugh. I finally painted it one color twice which equals two coats. Six coats of paint and I wondered why husband walks in and says: “Does this room seem smaller than usual”? I was done then and there; however, it’s time for another painting. I am putting it off until who-knows-when.

  3. Jason says:

    another trick – and maybe even more palatable – is to invite guests over for a “work day”. mention the food, canadian culture, all the high points and then ask something subtle, like “do you have an extra paint roller?” or “when is the last time you had the OPPORTUNITY…?!” – you know, Tom Sawyer style.

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