2009 in fragments

Oh, 2009! You were a super-good year!

Seeing as how it’s already mid-January and practically time to start prepping for a 2010 review, I thought it high time to look back on 2009 and the great year it was. Because, well, it was a great year.

Here are the highlights:

OK, that’s not really the last thing I did in 2009. And those are hardly the only things I did in the last year. But still, those are some pretty good things. Except the burning part. And the broken toe.

Here’s to 2010 and all the good things to come.


3 thoughts on “2009 in fragments

  1. Brianna Patterson says:

    Have you actually done needle felting? And how in the world did you end up on television talking about?

    • jilladuling says:

      No, I’ve never done it. I was on the station’s Community Datebook talking about Bluffton’s Institute for Learning in Retirement Courses. Which one would the host ask me specifically about? Needle felting. Me (thinking a mile a minute): Really? You want to know about needle felting. Come on!

  2. gigi says:

    Wow! You did a lot! The best thing? I acquired a beautiful, smart, fantstic, talented, loving daughter-in-law.

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