Poetic culinary feats

My brother Joshua recently mentioned to me that he and his wife are paying closer attention to the foods they eat and visiting the local YMCA more frequently in effort to be healthier. I’m fully supportive, as I place a lot of emphasis in my own life on taking care of the only body I’ve been given. But, I digress.

In the past two days, Joshua has kindly shared healthy meal/snack suggestions with me via e-mail.

A lunch suggestion:

Lunch consisted of spinach-wrapped spinach on a bed of spinach seasoned with a light dusting of spinach. And a carrot.

A snack suggestion:

8 oz. skim milk
2 Tbsp. peanut butter
2 scp. whey protein powder
Blend in blender. Drink immediately before your 3-year-old son finds out that he LOOOOOOOOOVES peanut-butter-protein shake and attempts to devour it.

Another lunch suggestion:

My “two cup spinach, one ounce ham, two tablespoon Italian dressing” salad was amazing for lunch. If you’d like to try it sometime:

2 cups spinach
1 oz. ham
2 Tbsp. Italian dressing

Another snack suggestion:

I am counting down until my afternoon snack. 1 cup of vanilla yogurt with a banana:

Mix 1 cup vanilla yogurt with one banana (peeled).
Stir to taste.

That delicious recipe led to a breakthrough on Joshua’s part. Haiku cookbooks! What could possibly make healthy cooking any simpler than using recipes that are only three lines long? And, not only will the recipes be healthy, but we’ll cut out unnecessary cooking steps, which means there will be less processing of the foods, allowing the foods to be closer to their natural states. Isn’t that a popular goal of eating healthy?

Now, Joshua is THE MASTER of haikus. You think you can haiku? No, you cannot haiku. Joshua can haiku. If I had to recommend someone to participate in the 2010 Robert Spiess Memorial Award Haiku Competition, I would nominate Joshua. The two of us have spent far too many minutes sending far too many e-mails that require us to spend far too much time ticking off syllables on our fingers to make sure we have the 5-7-5 syllable-per-line-count right.

We wrote three haiku recipes in just a few minutes:

Spaghetti. Meatballs.
Cook noodles on stove. Heat sauce.
Don’t forget meatballs.

Bowl of cereal.
Pick the one you like the best.
It must have fiber.

Ham and cheese sandwich.
Layer ham and cheese on bread.
Slice. Watch your fingers.

I’m pretty certain we have a bestseller on our hands.

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2 thoughts on “Poetic culinary feats

  1. Jason says:

    PB & the J.
    A fabulicious dinner.
    I’m still not too full.

    A wanna-be haikuist

  2. I must repost this!
    It is so very funny.
    Thanks for sharing it!

    Ahhh… I think I got those syllables right above. LOL! This post really is a hoot. I found you while googling Haiku. My kids and I are studying about it while we learn about Japan in homeschool. Please notify me when the cookbook is ready. Oh, and here is a recipe for you.

    A grilled cheese sandwich.
    You need wheat bread, butter, cheese.
    Fry in pan ’til done.

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