A less-than-super Super Bowl

Looks like this year I get to be the guy in the middle. Because I won't know what everyone else is talking about.

While channel surfing last evening and pausing on an hour-long Top 10 Greatest Super Bowl Ads of All Time show and wondering what producers were showing during the other 45 minutes of the 60-minute show, Husband took the opportunity to spring this one on me:

“You won’t be able to see any of the American commercials during Sunday’s Super Bowl.”


In hindsight, I should’ve known. It’s an American sporting event. With American-focused commercials. Geared toward Americans. Why would I think for a second that the Canadian broadcasters would air the American-focused commercials?


Oh, that Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) and their lame-o rules about the percentage of commercials that must be Canadian-focused.

Basically, says the CRTC’s Web site, Canadian stations buy the rights to air the Super Bowl in Canada, but they sell the commercial advertising slots to Canadian advertisers. Even the U.S. TV stations we get do not purchase the rights to broadcast the game—or the ads—to Canadians. So, the American signal carrying the game is usually substituted with a Canadian signal that contains Canadian ads.


Now, I’m “stuck” watching a football game with replaced ads. No cute E*Trade ads. No Budweiser ads. No silly Doritos ads. Only Tim Hortons ads.


To my family members who are Colts fans, I hope you enjoy the game AND the commercials. And enjoy the fact that you GET TO enjoy them. I’ll work to attempt to enjoy the former while lamenting the loss of the latter.


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2 thoughts on “A less-than-super Super Bowl

  1. Mom says:

    sorry girl, I couldn’t resist this one: I saw part of the Super Bowl top 10 commercials last night. Part because I turned on My Three Sons; it was more edifying. Mean Joe Green’s commercial was good but for some reason these commercials can’t be made without nudity, sex, animals doing what would be embarrassing in the animal kingdom if they could speak, you ain’t missing nothing!! GO CANADA!!!!

  2. Sparkes says:

    CRTC we love you so
    The government does know best
    We need more Celine

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