Hey! Where’s the snow?

This is the new sign you see when crossing the border into Canada. Just kidding. But it's been very true this winter.

Ever since I made the decision to marry a Canadian and begin the paperwork process for permanent residency up north, I’ve been asked one question over and over and over:

“Why would you move somewhere cold and snowy like Canada?”

Well, my Ohio/Indiana/Texas/Midwest U.S. family and friends, I’d say the joke’s on you. It’s February 6, and I’m still waiting for an opportunity to wear my snow boots OTHER than when I’m visiting one of you.

Enjoy using your snowblowers, shovels and salt!




One thought on “Hey! Where’s the snow?

  1. Jason says:

    “Enjoy using your snowblowers, shovels and salt!” What do these words even mean?! Did you know that you can save money in Texas by purchasing your sunblock in the gallon pail? For the more faitful sun-worshippers, the local HD carries sunblock/sunscreen in the more economical 5 gallon bucket. Not sure if you’ve ever tried to trowel on sunblock before but the time-savings alone is phenomonal. No more brushing or rolling on the UV protection – no sir – just whip out the trowel and let the sun shine on! From Texas with love.

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