U.S. vs. Canada, Round 2: Winter weather

I like to think that we’re close enough to spring to write a post about winter weather. Just in case, go knock on some wood before reading this. Do it.

A year ago, when I told my friends and family that I was contemplating a move to Canada, several, if not all, responded with questions involving “why” and the weather.

Why would you want to live somewhere cold like Canada?
Canada? Good luck with the winters.
Why would you want to move there? It always snows.
You must like cold weather.
Pack your long-johns.

In truth, I’m not particularly fond of cold weather. In fact, I prefer summers and sundresses to winters and parkas. However, I totally loved my husband-to-be, so I didn’t factor the weather into my move.

Imagine my pleasant surprise this winter when I fielded more than several phone calls related to, you guessed it, the weather. Non-Canadian weather, mind you.

Are you getting this snow? It just keeps coming down!
I shovel and then have to shovel again 5 minutes later!
Seriously, enough with winter already!
School is cancelled again because of the snow. Again.
Why is it still winter?

While we had a few super-chilly days and saw some snowflakes here and there on other days, Husband and I saw nothing next to the mountains of snow my pals received in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Texas. Yes, folks. Texas. Even Texas had more snow than we did south of Toronto.

So, how do I like Canadian winters so far? By all accounts, I like them just fine, thank you.

Winner of U.S. vs. Canada, Round 2: Team Canada (by several show shovels)


2 thoughts on “U.S. vs. Canada, Round 2: Winter weather

  1. Jason says:

    It is true – Texas saw an all new snow fall record this year as 12″ fell on the DFW area over the course of a day. And, in the manner of “everything is bigger in Texas”, that record was followed up the very next day when another record was set – all the snow melted as temps approached 60 degrees! Not even a trace was left. You could stand outside your house and hear what sounded like a waterfall, at the end of the street, as the formidable meltation agressively regrouped within the drain basin at the end of the street (sorry, I got carried away with the blogatious details!).

  2. Lara says:

    I so love the pic!

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