The second best day ever

I'd give this day way more than two thumbs up. Way more.

So, after administering a poll, it’s become pretty clear that the best day ever (so far) was July 4, 2009, the day I married my husband. It was sunny and warm. Birds chirped. Family and close friends surrounded us. We professed our love for one another. We ate cake. It was a super day.

Which makes today, March 18, 2010, the second best day ever. Because today is the day I FINALLY received notification that my “application for permanent residence in Canada appears to be ready for visa  issuance” (the government’s wording, not mine). Which means I’m one very short step away from becoming a permanent resident and making my official move to Canada.


Many of you know I submitted my application for permanent residency in late July 2009. The application itself was long. Long and long and tedious. And also long. Leading up to and after its submission, we heard all kinds of stories—good and bad, mostly bad—from others who have successfully completed the process. We heard mostly about the long lengths of time that passed between application and approval. So, we weren’t overly surprised to hear nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing and nothing.

Imagine my enthusiasm about a month ago when I received a letter from the Canadian Consulate General notifying me that my application was being suspended because it was missing two pieces of information and would remain suspended until I submitted them. I was given 60 days.

Ugh. I was bummed. Husband, however, was elated:

“Someone is touching your application!” he declared. His optimism couldn’t have come at a better time. We submitted the missing pieces the next day, and here we are with a letter declaring that I appear to be ready for visa issuance.


Definitely Second Best Day of My Life material. Not to mention that today is also the first day we’ve (a) opened our windows this almost-spring, resulting in (b) NOT having to pause Special Report with Bret Baier for the first time ever because it was competing with the train passing by our windows (thanks to a long overdue furniture re-arrangement).


This day truly is a day full of hoorays.


5 thoughts on “The second best day ever

  1. Your favorite ex-boss lady says:

    And Ohio U. beat the past off Georgetown last night!! Green beer all around!

  2. Congrats Jill! That is great news! I can speak for the rest of the country that you are definitely a great addition!


  3. Jason says:

    Reminds me of the time I was waiting for my papers to be approved, granting us full, legal access to the state of Texas. Actually, it was nothing of the sort. We simply drove across the border and ta dah – we were Texan! MPH remained MPH, gallons remained gallons, etc and so forth…

  4. Mom says:

    Congrats daughter; you will make a great Canadian

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