The art of packing

A recurring packing ritual for me.

Who am I kidding? There is no art to the way I pack. None. In fact, I suck at packing. Yes, Mom. I used the word “suck.” With authority. In a blog post. For the whole world to read. You taught me better than that, I know.

But, it’s so true.

[Note: Do not confuse my inability to pack with being unorganized. That’s not the case. I’m organized. I just have too many things to fit in too small of a container.]

I consider myself a low-maintenance kind of gal. However, when it comes to packing for trips, I struggle with being minimalistic. It doesn’t matter how long the trip is—one night, a long weekend, a week, etc.—I always feel the need to pack multiple outfits with multiple shoes for multiple weather fronts because I simply never know beforehand exactly what I want to wear.

And, it doesn’t matter that I always end up wearing only half of what I pack. I need the variety. I need the freedom of being able to select from more than one top and a pair of jeans. I’m American for crying out loud. I’ve grown accustomed to choosing from 18 varieties of toothpaste. You can sure as heck bet my wardrobe carries just as many options.

[Note: I now feel convicted of being too materialistic.]

And then, of course, there are the toiletries. A woman cannot be expected to travel without her blow dryer, flat iron and various array of styling products. At least, this woman cannot. Especially when headed to a humid climate. My hair + humidity = Medusa. The non-attractive Medusa. And, the super-cute, tiny travel-sized products, while super-cute, tiny and travel-sized, are simply not adequate. Because the products I like to use don’t come in the super-cute, tiny travel sizes. Which means I have jumbo bottles taking up jumbo space. Double oy.

Now, the over-packing isn’t such a big deal when I take road trips, but flights are a whole ’nother story. We recently flew on Southwest Airlines and could stow two bags apiece for free. What a bonus! And a rarity. Our upcoming flight with AirTran Airways won’t be quite as gracious with a $15/bag surcharge. And this time, our trip is longer, and the spring weather is more willy-nilly than ever . . . oy.

But, I’m making a concerted effort to rein myself in and pack as little as I can. Really, I am. Some tank tops, some capris, some sweaters, some swimsuits, some undergarments and a few pair of sandals later, I managed to fill up half a suitcase. Husband is grateful I saved him some space.

Good thing I’m bringing a GIANT handbag. I’m sure I can stuff some extra items in there. And maybe in Husband’s knapsack. Or his laptop bag . . .


One thought on “The art of packing

  1. Mom says:

    Talk about laughing. This whole scenario is so true; unfortunately your father doesn’t use a laptop.

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