Say what you mean to say in 140 characters or fewer

Oftentimes, the fewest words mean the most.

A year or so ago, I shared my stance on greeting cards and how I rarely pick up a card that has more than 25 words inside, let alone purchase it. To recap: I’ve always felt that you can express an emotion to someone in 25 words or fewer.

In recent days, I’ve taken on a Twitter account (late bloomer, I know), and I’ve been adjusting to expressing my thoughts in 140 characters or fewer. I’ve also been looking at Mother’s Day cards.

This combination got me thinking: What if greeting cards contained 140 characters or fewer? That’s, like, 20 to 27 words, depending on your vocabulary. And, PERFECT for concisely expressing sentiment. Genius!

So, let’s practise with Mother’s Day.

Now, you know your mom best. If she had to pick between a short message crafted by you or a dissertation exploring your love for her, written by someone who doesn’t know you, which one do you think she’d choose?

You’re right! She’d want both, because she’s your mom, and she loves most everything you say or do and everything written by or about you. Or that has your named signed to it. But, if pressed, I bet she’d go for the message written by you. Because you are you! And, you are hers.

So, maybe you’re not a writer. That’s OK! You don’t have to be. At the end of the day, your mom wants to know that you care about her and appreciate her. But, she’s a mom, so she would never expect you to express either. Because mothers are givers, not takers. You’re already ahead of the game by simply wanting to express to her your feelings for her. The fact that you’re willing to tell her that you [insert verb here] her or you [insert verb here] about her will mean more to her than receiving any card you could purchase and sign your name to. No matter how many or how few words are in it.

I promise.

Here are some ways you can say “Happy Mother’s Day” in 140 characters or fewer:

  • There aren’t enough words in the dictionary or thesaurus to describe my gratitude for you, Mom. Thanks for being you. I love you!
  • I doubt that you realized just how AWESOME I would turn out, while you were birthing me; but, I appreciate your effort. Happy Mother’s Day!*
  • You are such a selfless and modest individual that people frequently overlook one of your greatest accomplishments: YOU ARE MY MOTHER.*
  • Thank you for not telling me that unprotected sex could lead to me being the parent of a child who acts just like I did. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!*
  • When I think, “I can’t,” I remember you did. And so much more. You are my inspiration. Thanks, Mom!
  • Mom. Thank you for birthing me. For loving and keeping me. For raising and feeding me. For always praising me. You are dear to me. The end.
  • Someone said, “The patience of a mother might be likened to a tube of toothpaste–it’s never quite all gone.” Thx for your toothpaste, Mom!
  • To thank you for all of the hard work and support that you gave throughout my entire childhood, I bought you this card. Happy Mother’s Day!*
  • I will always be grateful for the 50% of my genes that came from you, with the exception of the high hairline. And nose. Happy Mother’s Day!*
  • I am deeply appreciative of the kindness and benefits received throughout my childhood. One might even say grateful. You are the woman!*
  • The world is a better place because of you. And your decision to have a child like me. Way to bring your “A” game, Mom! Thank You.*

Now, go write something for your mom. Or call her instead. She’ll be pleased as punch.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms and, especially, to you, Mom! By the way, your card is in the mail.

*Compliments of my brother Joshua, who possibly missed his calling as a greeting-card-saying writer.

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