The longest sentence ever

Let's try diagramming a 197-word sentence next, please.

While reading a novel a few nights back, I came across the longest sentence I have EVER read in my entire life, and I thought it too good to not share.

“The granddaughter of immigrant Danes, Emily Soren with snapping blue eyes that at times seemed green and oatstraw hair in a braid near to her waist or pulled back peasant-style under a kerchief, whose first words to Hewitt Pearce were “I know who you are” and last ones a year and a half later were “Keep the tears for yourself, Hewitt, I don’t want them anymore” was by any reckoning from the moment she uttered those first five words or even the moments before as she approached him that early summer day carrying to his car the tray with his cheeseburger and strawberry milkshake just in the way she walked toward him seeing something he’d never seen before or the near-invisible hairs along her forearms that struck and entered him with a force both stunning and long-expected like brushing against an electric fence jolts, the one person on earth he was born to meet although it would be years of pondering that would allow him to see the multiple strands that led up to that time for both of them and those same long years pondering the events and likewise strands that led to her final statement.”

Whew. HOLY SMOKES, YOU ARE THE LONGEST SENTENCE EVER! is what I thought. I had to put the book down just to draw a breath. That’s a 197-word sentence, in case you’re counting.

The sentence is so awesomely long that I had to read it to Husband who decided that if he were to ever encounter such a sentence in any book he were reading, he’d put the book down for good. And, that was tempting for me, too. But, curious to see where the story goes, I soldier on.

However, if I had been asked to diagram that sentence in my English Language class in college, I’d have surely thrown my hands up in the air and walked out the door.


3 thoughts on “The longest sentence ever

  1. justdc says:

    lol! Let us know how the book ends 🙂

  2. Lmann says:

    I couldn’t even finish the sentence, let alone the book! AND I LOVE TO READ! WOW!

  3. justdc says:

    lol! Oh well

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