Size 2 fashion for “all”

I always, always smile when I see news articles or magazine features recommend clothing styles based on a woman’s particular shape. Pear. Apple. Boy. Petite. Top-heavy. You name it; there are articles written about it. Here’s yet another:

Unfortunately, I always, always know what I’m going to read about: clothing suggestions for real-women body types shown on fashion models that represent 2 percent of the entire world population.

OK, maybe that’s an over-generalization. However, check out the link to Fitness Magazine’s suggestions for shorts for your body type. Note the photographed fashion and the sizes they appear to be. 0s? 2s? Maybe 4s?

Like I said, 2 percent of the population.

Oh, and read the comments for the article, particularly those under Slide 2: Shorts for Full Thighs.


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2 thoughts on “Size 2 fashion for “all”

  1. Mom says:

    I’m still laughing at the comments from the web site people. Your father has plaid shorts but he is 6’8″ and doesn’t have THICK thighs. He looks real nice!!

  2. Agreed. Size 2-ish model. ugh.

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