First birthdays

Mmmmm, cake!

First birthdays are a wonderful thing. I know this to be true because my brothers and friends have had children turn 1 and, consequently, enjoy a full day of family and friends lavishing them with toys and attention and more toys and their very own “individual-sized” cakes.

Which is why I decided that when I turn 1 again, I want a cake like Austin’s. Seriously. Get a load of that cake! It’s chock-full of delicious goodness, and I want one. And, I think it would almost be worth it to re-live my last 28 years just to get one.


Happy 1st birthday, Austin!

P.S. If your awesome Fisher Price car-lift-garage-racetrack do-dad falls apart because Auntie Jill had too much birthday cake and wasn’t paying close attention while screwing it together, she’s very, very sorry. Remember that she loves you and brought you the cool Little Tikes scooter/hauler/wagon thingamajig that you can zoom around in. Already pieced together.


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