The clichéd skinny on skinny jeans, Part 2

Dear, Skinnies, I'm sorry I doubted you. I heart you. Sincerely, Jill.

A while ago, I confessed to trying on a pair of skinny jeans. And purchasing them. And wearing them in public. Where people can see me. That was back in October. I now own three pairs of skinny jeans, and I definitely need to take back all the odd looks I’ve given and bad thoughts I’ve had about women who wear them. Because I’m now one of those women.

So, here’s my apology: I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I should have tried a pair on before thinking they were the worst jeans ever. Because, they surely are not the worst jeans ever. And, I love them.

This does not mean, however, that I love skinny jeans on men. But, to each his own. 

If you’re looking for a fabulous pair of skinny jeans (and you’re tall), check out Gap online. Some of their skinny styles are now on sale. Like, $30/pair. And, we all know that the only thing better than excellent-fitting jeans is excellent-fitting jeans on sale.

Happy shopping!

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One thought on “The clichéd skinny on skinny jeans, Part 2

  1. LV says:

    so “skinny” jeans are fine and all, for FEMALES. was at a college fair last week and saw several MALES wearing “skinny” jeans. and while i have said publicly that i would wear skirts if it was culturally acceptable(i think they would be WAY comfortable) “skinny” jeans are just plain UGLY on guys…so if you are a male and are wearing said “skinny” jeans/… please STOP!

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