And, so it ends

See you later, May. You were a great month!

May is ending today, and I’m feeling a bit glum about it. May has always been my favourite month of the year and not just because it houses my birthday. I’ve always considered it to be 31 back-to-back Thursdays—my favourite weekday because, once you’re there, the weekend soon follows. In this case, the weekend isn’t coming, but summer is!

In years past, May meant the end of a school year and all the fun that goes with it.  Field Days. Field trips. Shorts weather. Steamy-hot classrooms. Classes outdoors. Ice cream at the Dairy Whip (after track practice, of course). Ice cream at Archie’s. Ice cream anywhere. And, graduation parties. May also always meant my birthday (think treats). Planting season. Flowers in bloom. Lilacs (which, technically, are flowers in bloom only better because I love them). Memorial Day weekend. Pool openings. And, longer evenings (thank you, Daylight Savings Time).

This year, May brought back many of those memories, plus I made a few new ones, like cookouts with Husband’s family, walks around town, visits with old friends and my sister-in-law earning her doctorate (congrats, Erica). I also took on a 31-day writing challenge, and today is its final day (YIPPEE). I managed to write every day, minus two, but I count those days anyway, as I eked out an interesting e-mail or three.

The good news (beyond the completed writing challenge) is that while May is ending, it will be here again soon. I’m in no hurry though. Because, I have 334 other days to look forward to first.

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