These quesadillas are HOW bad for me?

Curious about the food you're putting in your mouth? What you read in this book will shock you! Hopefully into action.

Yesterday, I picked up a book at our local library, and I’ve been having some trouble putting it down. Not a surprise for me, seeing as how I read a lot of books. What might surprise you is the read:

Eat This Not That!: The Best [& Worst!] Foods in America! by David Zinczenko with Matt Goulding.

OK, so maybe it’s not a surprise, as I like to read about health, nutrition and fitness. But, I am a little behind in reading this book, as it came out a while ago (last year). And, yes, there really are three exclamation points in that title. Please, try to look past that.

This book is jam-packed with the best and worst foods in America—salads, burgers, pizzas, frozen foods, drinks, desserts, etc. In sit-down restaurants, in fast-food chains, in supermarkets, for breakfast, as snacks, you name it, they’re in here. And, not only are they listed, their nutritional content is described (in scary detail), as are recommendations for better selections.

Think you know what’s in that burger you’re eating at lunch? Or that milkshake? Or that salad? How about that veggie sub? Healthy right? You might want to think again.

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself here.

Also included in this book are the best and worst foods for blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar—a definite bonus if you’re looking to specifically control those factors of your health. There is also great information about marketing ploys, deciphering nutrition labels, definitions of “healthy foods” and the like.

With all the self-help reads about diets and weight-loss plans, it’s refreshing to read about how simply swamping out high-calorie/high-fat meals for lower-calorie/lower-fat meals can make an immediate impact on your body’s appearance and how you feel.

After all, if it really is true that 80 percent of your body’s composition is dictated by the food you put in your mouth, shouldn’t you consider putting the best sort of food in there?

Oh, and those quesadillas? Chili’s Fajita Quesadillas Beef with Rice and Beans? 2,240 calories, 92 g. of fat, 43.5 g. of saturated fat, 6,390 mg. of sodium and 253 g. of carbohydrates.


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