Lightning takes down Jesus

Jesus before the lightning.

Jesus has burned to the ground. It’s true.

For those of you who never drive the stretch of I-75 between Dayton and Cincinnati, you probably didn’t realize Jesus resided there. But he does. Or, at least, he did. Last night, he was hit by lightning, and he burned to the ground.

Poor Jesus.

Known unofficially as “Big Butter Jesus” and “Touchdown Jesus,” the “King of Kings” was a massive 8-ton, 62-foot-tall statue of Jesus Christ with face turned upward and arms stretched toward the sky that sat along the side of northbound I-75. Built in 2004, he was part of Solid Rock Church’s music theatre complex and was placed near a large pond, giving him the appearance of rising up out of water and ascending into heaven.

By the way, 62 feet is a lot of feet when it comes to statues. That’s like six stories tall.

Anyway, last night, the Monroe area experienced severe thunderstorms, and the statue was struck by lightning, causing it to ignite. Its outer shell of Styrofoam, wood and resin (or maybe fiberglass) was quickly consumed, leaving only a charred, steel frame.

Today, all of the local and not-so-local newspapers and media outlets are having a field day with analogies of God smiting his son, Jesus perishing at the hands of God, etc.

All I know is that I’ll no longer be able to drive that stretch of road, see that statue and think, “Hhhmmm, that is one large Jesus.”

You can read more about the incident here or here.

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